Vegan Mofo 2010: Feed Your Mind

The fourth annual VeganMo(nth of)Fo(od) starts this November.  Check out Vegan MoFo Headquarters International for all things Vegan Mofo.  The vegan blogging extravaganza started in 2007 in the spirit of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  During Vegan Mofo, participants  dedicate their RSS feeds to describing their culinary adventures and other ramblings on vegan eating, living, and being.  This year there are over 500 participants.  Here’s a taste of what November 2010 will entail:

Your eyes shall bedazzle when you see how international we have become;   Ze MoFo World includes:  Spain, South Africa, Australia, UK, Austria, Canada, Germany, Poland, South Korea, Mexico, Belgium, The Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Philippines, Japan, France, Egypt, Denmark, French West Indies, Israel and even West Virginia!  (Please let me know if I made any gaping holes. )  Also,  MoFo won’t be broadcast in English alone, oh-no-no-no, it shall come through in German, Czech, Vietnamese, Polish, German, Russian, Portuguese, French, Arabic and even  Gluten-Freeize (thank you so much for not making me link to all of those–the gluten-freeize would be particularly challenging).

For me, this VeganMoFo will be a welcomed distraction from work and other writing projects and I hope to be posting here and elsewhere sharing a hodgepodge of thoughts on books, life and veganism.


~ by sangamithra on October 31, 2010.

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