Haiti Update and Vegans Unite

Earlier this week at Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake devastated the Haitian capital of Port Au Prince.  Tracy Kidder a good op-ed in the NYT recently that i recommend.

A fellow berkeley geotech, Elizabeth Hausler, started an organization called BuildChange.org to assist in reconconstruction of earthquake resistant housing.  She plans to be in Haiti in February.

Vegans across the country are hosting bake sales to support the relief efforts.

Two in New York include one at MooShoes on 1/31 to Support Doctors without Borders

and one at Vegan Drinks on 1/28 to support Sodopreca.

Supervegan did this recap regarding animal efforts in Haiti. Stay tuned for more.

As a geotech, i’m concerned about the deforestation in Haiti and the vulnerability to landslides in rain events and long-term solutions to build up natural defenses to natural disasters.


~ by sangamithra on January 16, 2010.

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  1. I just found your blog. Please post more.

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