The Tragedy of Travis

A few weeks ago, when I read the headlines “Chimp Shot after Mauling US Woman,” I started to cringe.  As horrific as the details were, the tragedy was much larger than the chain of events that transpired that day.  Travis was an ex-actor ape, previously used in Old Navy and Coca Cola commercials.  Like all ape actors, his fame was short-lived.  Once they reach a certain age, usually around 6 years old, they become too big and too strong to “manage.”  Many former stars ended up in biomedical research.  Others went to roadside zoos and other attractions.  Travis went on to be a personal pet in  Stamford CT.

Wayne Pacelle’s blog had a really great post of Five Fatal Lessons we could learn from these events and traces the blame from individuals to state and national policy.

The sanctuary folks at CSNW have also been weighing in on this issue.

Jane Goodall and Charles Siebert had a really great op-eds on this matter too.

The Captive Primate Safety Act, recently passed in the House of Representatives, but awaits action in the Senate.

It is a good time reflect how wrong and tragic it is to continue to allow the breeding, sale, and use of our endangered primate cousins.


~ by sangamithra on March 6, 2009.

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