To the skinny kid with the funny name that believes America has a place for him too,

You had me at that moment.  And now it is your moment to take your place in America as our next President.

I was just listening to your latest weekly radio address and appreciated you making note of the following:

But we must remember that our nation was founded at a time of Kings and Queens, and even today billions of people around the world cannot imagine their leaders giving up power without strife or bloodshed.

Through the ages, many have struggled for the right to live in a land where power does not belong to one person or party…

Over the past year alone we have witnessed the tragedy around the elections in Kenya, Zimbabwe, and the national referendum in Burma right after Cyclone Nargis, as well as an attempted coup in Chad.  The genocide continues in Darfur, and violence and insecurity has increased in the eastern part of the Democratic Repuplic of Congo.  Bombs exploded in Mumbai. And a war is being waged in the middle east.

Very recently the editor of Sri Lanka’s Sunday leader was murdered in cold blood for doing his job responsibly as a journalist.

So many innocent lives are in the hands of concentrated power, whether it be a head of state or a multinational corporation. So much of your campaign was driven by grassroots efforts, the power of the people.  I am heartened to see serve as means for the people to continue to voice our concerns to our elected officials.   I applaud your efforts for transparency and look forward to the promise of change in your administration. You and I share a love of words. When I listen to your words, I know I am listening to a person who understands the world is complex, who is aware of global disparity of wealth, and values the importance of the individual as well as governments in promoting compassion and fighting injustice.

You are well aware of the global challenges that face all of us, and in your recent speech in Philadelphia before you embarked your journey to DC, you said the following:

And yet while our problems may be new, what is required to overcome them is not. What is required is the same perseverance and idealism that our founders displayed. What is required is a new declaration of independence, not just in our nation, but in our own lives — from ideology and small thinking, prejudice and bigotry — an appeal not to our easy instincts but to our better angels.

Here’s to a new declaration of independence and the next President of the United States!


~ by sangamithra on January 18, 2009.

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