Fur is Dead, not Green

So it seems almost anyone can join the greenwashing bandwagon these days.  My friend sent me a link to this article today about the the Fur Council of Canada’s new ad campaign:  Fur is Green.  The slaughter of baby seals,  beavers or muskrats  for commercial sale of coats and trim people don’t need is being marketed as eco-friendly, biodegradable, local and fairly traded. But it’s hard to put a sustainability buzzword around “anal electrocution.”

How can they pretend to be pro-environment, just anti the creatures who live in it?

On the crowded F train home today, i was smooshed into a corner  with two women with fur trim coats pushed up against me.  What I wanted to say is on the new Herbivore shirt designs that can be seen here.

My other favorite anti-fur shirt was one I bought in Spain when I was 16.  It had a cute furry being on the front and asked the question in Spanish:

Tiene tu madre un abrigo de piel?  A la mia se lo arrancaron? (“Does your mother wear a fur coat?  Mine was trapped for hers.”)

Fur is theirs, not ours.


~ by sangamithra on December 5, 2008.

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