Mushy Vegan

So my VeganMofo has been interrupted.  Earlier this week, my hubby got into a little accident during a teacher-student soccer game during field day.  I’ll let him explain the situation.  Part I here and Part II here.

In short, his lip was lacerated with some abrasion and stitched up,  but his front tooth was lost.  He’s waiting for his root canal tomorrow.  He’s on some serious painkillers and antibiotics and not so good with the art of chewing.  So the past few days have been experiments into soft foods.

Soups, mashed potatoes, applesauce, pudding, upma, and anything that can go through a straw.

Today i cooked up some miso soup with onions, leeks, carrots, potatoes.  Also some steamed/smushed yams and squash, as well as couscous.

I think the post root canal diet is going to be a similar one.   I went out an bought a food processor/blender yesterday too.   Any thoughts on creative vegan soft yummies would be most welcome.


~ by sangamithra on October 12, 2008.

One Response to “Mushy Vegan”

  1. I hope he feels better. sounds painful.
    *really thin Hummus might be good. especially if you serve it with some really thin polenta in a separate glass.
    *ground up oatmeal with maple syrup or sugar. maybe also some apples
    *any soup that is pureed would be good – I have a feeling you’ll be making lots of it.
    *smoothies with kale and fruit. the fruit makes it not taste so green. the kale is a powerhouse, so that it good. you could also add protein powder.
    *pudding for sweet stuff, though sweet stuff would be easy to find in mushy form.

    can’t think of anything else.

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