Happy Birthday Gandhi

Happy 139th Birthday

Gandhi: Happy 139th Birthday

Vegan Mofo Day 2:  It’s Gandhi’s birthday.    In his experiments with truth, he faced the truth about dairy:

I had long realized that milk was not necessary for supporting the body, but it was not easy to give it up. While the necessity for avoiding milk in the interest of self-restraint was growing upon me, I happended to come across some literature from Calcutta, describing the tortures to which cows and buffaloes were subjected by their keepers. This had a wonderful effect on me. I discussed it with Mr. Kallenbach. Mr. Kallenbach said, “We constantly talk about the harmful effects of milk. Why then do not we give it up? It is certainly not necessary.” I was agreeably surprised at the suggestion, which I warmly welcomed, and both of us pledged ourselves to abjure milk there and then. This was at Tolstoy Farm1 in the year 1912.

But this denial was not enough to satisfy me. Soon after this I decided to live on a pure fruit diet, and that too composed of the cheapest fruit possible. Our ambition was to live the life of the poorest people. The fruit diet turned out to be very convenient also. Cooking was practically done away with. Raw groundnuts, bananas, dates, lemons, and olive oil composed our usual diet.

Later in life, he conceded to drinking goat’s milk upon doctor’s request, something he wasn’t proud of.  “The will to live proved to be stronger than the devotion to truth,” he wrote sadly.

Despite this lapse, I still consider him an honorary VeganMofo.

This year Gandhi’s birthday coincides with a lot of things… Our CSA pick up.  The revival of our vegan potluck crew from our Spanish harlem days.  And the first VP presidential debate.

So to celebrate, we’ll be picking up our veggies, heading to burrito night and playing Palin Bingo.


~ by sangamithra on October 2, 2008.

One Response to “Happy Birthday Gandhi”

  1. Gandhi definitely deserves an honorary MoFo. I can’t wait for the debate!

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