Chimpanzee Homecoming

Friends at home, taking in the sunshine for the first time in a long time.

On Friday the Thirteenth last month, my friend and colleague and I visited the newly formed Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, built by founder Keith LaChappelle, and run by all-star primate staff- Sarah Baeckler, JB Mulcahy and Diana Goodrich.

Our story of this homecoming was published in the Philadelphia Weekly!

Other news can be found here and local tv coverage here.

Here are some photos of the day of their arrival:


“Freedom Van” pulls in with chimpanzees in tow.

Sarah offers a pronated wrist, to reassure her new friends

Sarah offers a pronated wrist, reassuring her new friends.

Wheeling in Burrito

Wheeling in Burrito, the youngest and only male. One by one the chimps are introduced to their new home.

Kitty observes the action

Kitty watches the action.

Steel transport cages,  now educational demos.

Steel Transport Cages empty.

Chimpanzees are home.  Transport Trailer departs

Chimpanzees are home. Transport Trailer departs.

Jamie exploring her new digs

Jamie explores her new digs.

Taking in the sun for the first time in decades.

Jodie Peers out

Jody peering out.

I have been keeping up with regular updates on the “Cle Elum Seven” on their blog. It is a terrific read! It’s wonderful to learn about their preferences, personalities, and how they respond to all the new stimuli. Negra is spying on the staff with a mirror. Jamie is an artist who also loves to clean. Watermelons are a big hit. Annie and Missy are BFF. Socks are enrichment. The chimpanzees are also making engineering adaptations to their water supply!

If interested in helping out with their housewarming, the lucky seven are registered at Target and Amazon.

Special shout out to Teapot Restaurant in Redmond for sustaining us while working on the story.


~ by sangamithra on July 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Chimpanzee Homecoming”

  1. Sangu – the Philly Weekly article was really great. So glad you and Jean were able to come out to do a story on the chimpanzees’ arrival!

  2. […] sanctuary folks at CSNW have also been weighing in on this […]

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