The Pigs in Iowa

The floods in Iowa got me thinking about pigs

There’s been some reports about how the flooded cornfields will impact ethanol production as well as meat and dairy prices all over. There’s also been concern about what’s in the flood waters, as Iowa is home to many factory farms and the waste they produce.

There’s much to say and explore about those things, but I was struck by this image of pigs seeking refuge on rooftops.

What was particularly heartbreaking was another story about these pigs whose farm was flooded, but somehow managed to escape. They survived the waters and landed on a levee… only to be shot.

Basically you cannot have something with a hoof walk on plastic and not poke a hole in the plastic and let water into it,” said LeRoy Lippert, chairman of the county emergency management commission. “Hogs, they have a tendency to root and that would not have been good either.”

He said the state veterinarian and other agencies were consulted, and that 10 to 16 animals were killed.

“It happens every day. My gosh, that’s what slaughterhouses do _ that’s how we get bacon and pork chops,” Lippert said. “It’s just one of the casualties of the flooding situation.”


Lippert noted that out of about 36,000 pigs in the Oakville area, officials estimated that only a thousand or so were left behind when the floodwaters came through.

“We trucked them as far as 200 miles away to other hog farms so that they would be taken care of,” he said.

Whether they were trucked away, left behind, or if they managed to ‘escape,’ they faced similar fates as pigs in Iowa.

UPDATE: Farm Sanctuary is involved in some emergency rescue of the pigs. Find out more here.


~ by sangamithra on June 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Pigs in Iowa”

  1. Some friends from Farm Sanctuary are helping rescue pigs off a levee. Video available here:

  2. Thanks Diana!

    That’s great to hear about the pig rescues!

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