Darfur Detainees

This past weekend, forces from the Darfur rebel group Justice and Equality Movement sought to attack Sudan’s capital Khartoum, but were stopped by government forces.

This latest incident in the conflict has raised much alarm about the safety of civilian Darfurians living in the capital. The Darfurian community in the U.S. has expressed their concern about what is happening in Sudan. One member reported and pleaded:

Since last Friday, the regime security forces raid many homes in Khartoum and arrested many people, some of them televised on Sudan TV as POW, although they had been snatched from their homes before movement fighters entered Khartoum. The regime declared all Darfurians in Khartoum are legitimate target for the regime.Our voices need to be heard loudly and we need to mobilize human right organizations to call for safety of our people in Khartoum and need make sure those detainees are treated according to international law. Please any individual or organization take action for sake those innocent civilians who are busy taking care of their families and don’t know any thing about movements.

There is also fear of increased attacks in the Darfur region by the Janjaweed:

There is also information that Janjaweed are preparing for attacks around some cities in Darfur, but nobody knows where they are heading, as I have just got information from Kebkabiya that civilians were watching Janjaweed today in the morning given a huge amount of Gas and Military equipments with land cruisers, the sames as in the past when there is plan for attacking somewhere, so people are now very afraid of may be they will be attacked at any time.

There is currently a list of about 50 detainees in Khartoum, whom people feel are residents of the area and not affiliated with the rebel movements or the attack

There is intentional ethnic targeting. All of them from Zaghawa tribe. Some were snatched from their families in a brutal manner.

It’s important to keep watch on the status of these individuals.


~ by sangamithra on May 12, 2008.

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