Morning RSS Feeds Distress Local Area Woman

I thought I’d try out a headline in the style of The Onion. Attempts at humor are withdrawn from rest of post.

The first jolt this morning was news of the series of earthquakes that affected parts of western Rwanda, eastern DRC, and Burundi.

The violence in Sri Lanka continues and escalates after the official end of the 2002 Norway brokered ceasefire. Is 2008 the year of war? The past few weeks have born witness to a series of government attacks on Tamil Tiger held regions, as well as a number of public bombings, the most recent of which include a deadly attack at the Colombo railway station and also at the aviary at the Dehiwala zoo.

The violence in Kenya continues after an agreement for a framework for peace.

Chadian rebels have seized large parts of the capital N’Djamena.

While we have the Superbowl and Super Tuesday here, I’m thinking of friends, acquaintances and strangers in these regions.


~ by sangamithra on February 3, 2008.

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