Thanks, but no.

So somewhere along the way, I got distracted on facebook and found out about this rejection letter writing competition. I didn’t need another distraction, but felt compelled to enter this competition. So I did. Here’s my submission. It will probably be rejected.

Dear Rejectee,

Thanks, but no.
— I

Now I know you are thinking that sounds harsh. I did too when I asked a host of a popular public radio program for an interview. That was his quick but direct response. This individual has only three letters in his first name, but only had the time to sign one of them.

But after some time, I realized this was the best rejection note I have received, and I hope you’ll find this to be the same. First off, you got a response. It’s better than waiting indefinitely. Waiting sucks. Second, you’ve got your answer up front. There’s no wandering through paragraph after paragraph about how competitive the applicant pool is and how difficult the decision was. Those are not words of consolation. Finally, the answer is direct with no room for misinterpretation. There’s no need to re-read this letter for clarification. Seriously, just delete from your inbox, toss in the recycled bin or reuse for some crafty art project.

It’s like a ripping off a band-aid. Speedy but effective.
The sooner you know, the sooner you move on.

Trust me, in the end you’ll realize you’ll do just fine without me,



~ by sangamithra on January 29, 2008.

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