Excuse me, you’re in the bike lane. Thank You. Happy New Year

As a bicyclist some times you feel invisible. People jump out in front of you to hail a cab. Open their car door in the bike lane without looking. And totally disrespect that line designated for you as a biker to claim your space on the streets of New York. On Monday, Wan and I did a triborough bike tour (Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island). We biked along 5th Avenue in Brooklyn where drivers felt entitled to park their vehicles in our bikeway. On the Brooklyn Bridge, pedestrians had a hard time understanding that one lane is for walkers and the other lane is for bikers. In Manhattan, we lost a designated bike lane for part of our journey, and had to navigate wisely around the big buses. Bringing our bikes on the Staten Island Ferry was quite enjoyable though, and on our way back, the Manhattan Bridge was way more bike friendly.

We hope to be doing more biking in the new year and hope that 2008 is filled with less road rage.


~ by sangamithra on December 31, 2007.

One Response to “Excuse me, you’re in the bike lane. Thank You. Happy New Year”

  1. […] of 2007 was on Staten Island on Victory Blvd where there is a Sri Lankan contingent. Wan and I biked there from Brooklyn and when we arrived at New Asha Restaurant we were ready for some serious eating. […]

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