Solar Tumbles

One of the great things about morning Mookie walks is the sun shining on our faces charging us for the day ahead. This “very Mookie Christmas” morning, we wandered in the back trails of Prospect Park. Only this time, the sun was shining on our backs—on our new solar-paneled backpacks, to be exact. The sun was charging us indeed for a day of off-the-grid renewable energy. Our hope is to do a family bike trip this summer with solar powered blogging and phone and camera charging.

Mookie preferred to show her belly not her back to the sun. She practiced her somersaults and accomplished 17 successful tumbles in the morning walk alone.

Now snuggling with a charged backpack, sporting an elf hat borrowed from her friends Annie and Lily, Mookie’s ready for an afternoon slumber.


~ by sangamithra on December 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “Solar Tumbles”

  1. Mookie looks so adorable and she is saving the planet at the same time. What a good dog.

  2. Mookie makes energy!

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