My parents were first introduced to Falafel by a Gujrati couple when they were living in New York City in the early 1970s. In those days there was a theater in Queens that used to show Indian movies on Saturday nights. My parents would go and the show would end just in time for the Kosher restaurants to open up. So my folks and the other Indians would compliment their Indian film with Falafel fare.

My mom told us this yesterday when we had an Indo-Falafel Lunch. My mom’s falafels are similar to her vadas. My cousin and mom also sauteed eggplant with onions and tomatos that represented a cross between an Indian and Middle-Eastern eggplant dish. We stuffed our pitas with falafel vadas, eggplant, and salad, and topped it off with tahini, a variety of hot sauces, and my mom’s home-pickled peppers picked from her garden.

If only Indo-Falafel could fuse with Mookie food…


~ by sangamithra on November 25, 2007.

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