I’ll Tumble 4 Ya

Mookie Tumbles For You

Either Mookie’s got Culture Club in her head during our family autumn walks or Boy George was influenced by the silliness of pitbulls. Once we get to the open expanse of grass in Prospect Park, Mookie loves to flip herself in one big dramatic move. She then scratches her back and presents her belly for the whole world to rub. Like Winnie-the Pooh, some days are more tumbly than others, but rest assured, she’ll tumble for ya.

Who Wants a Belly Rub?

Caught Tree Climbing

Mookie walks also entail chasing squirrels which nowadays involves not only running but climbing trees as well. Mommy has to come to the rescue sometimes, because coming down is not as easy as jumping up.
All this tumbling and climbing sure works up our appetites. After today’s adventures, Mookie feasted on her Dick Van Paten’s Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula, with some carrots and quinoa.

Mystery Berries

We found these berries, but were unsure of whether they were edible, so we decided to let them remain pretty in the park. Wan and I instead had a simple oatmeal breakfast to fuel us as we cooked more food: A Sunday Scramble of Tofu with leeks, green peppers and carrots; another batch of a Korean miso potato leek soup, and a side of steamed red cabbage with goddess dressing. (“colors were like my dream, red, gold and green”)


~ by sangamithra on November 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “I’ll Tumble 4 Ya”

  1. What a cute family!

  2. […] her belly not her back to the sun. She practiced her summersaults and accomplished 17 successful tumbles in the morning walk […]

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