Happy Diwali- Alternate Side Parking Rules Suspended

A South Indian Lunch

So we just finished up Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. This year, NYC even suspended street parking rules on Friday for the occasion. Finally a public (parking) holiday for my people.

We spent most of the weekend celebrating with my people, meaning my family. We were up in Rockland with my mom for a bit, which always means lots of good eating, followed by lots of napping. I spent the morning in the kitchen watching her work her magic. We had a traditional South Indian meal consisting of iddlies, rice and urad Dahl cakes, served with Sambar and home-made coconut chutney. We also pickled green mangoes. Super yum.Iddly
Later in the evening we ventured to Queens to the NY Tamil Sangam Society gathering where my cousins and their children performed a Dandia dance. The evening was filled with beautiful colors and rhythms, and ended with a vegetarian feast.

A Diwali celebration, though is not complete without Indian sweets, which unfortunately usually consist of milk and butter. My mom, however, has veganized an Indian almond based sweet by simply substituting vanilla soymilk and Earth Balance and feels it’s virtually indistinguishable from the cow milk variety.

Almond Sweet

This morning we soaked almonds in hot water and then removed the skins. Then we blended the blanched nuts with soymilk. We poured the concoction into a pot and added Earth Balance and sugar and stirred continuously under heat until the mixture thickened. Then we transferred the thickened mix onto a plate and cut up the mold into diamond shaped pieces and let cool.

I am now about to enjoy this vegan sweet as I close up this post. Be sure to check out this handy link to all VeganMoFos compiled by Isa.Almonds Soak. Mookie Waits

Almonds Soak. Mookie Waits.


~ by sangamithra on November 11, 2007.

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