Earlier this week, I was telling someone about VeganMoFo and said VeganMogo instead. But then I remembered that mogo is the Korean word for eat. “Gogi an mogo yo”- I don’t eat meat, was the first Korean phrase I learned. (Saranghaeyo- I love you, the second).

So I realized that VeganMoFo is really about VeganMogo. In honor of this realization I want to write about yummy vegan Korean food.

In our home, we adapt from the cookbook Flavors of Korea: Delicous Vegetarian Cuisine by Deborah Coultrip-Davis and Young Soook Ramsay. At Wan’s parents home in Korea, we would have an amazing vegan feast at almost every meal consisting of soup, rice, and many side dishes called panchan, which included vegan kimchi, other pickled vegetables, fried tofu, sauteed greens with sesame seeds, burdock root, and scallion pancakes. What was an extra treat in South Korea, was the presence of 3 Sticky Fingers Bakeries in the capital Seoul. I wonder if we were the only people to commemrate our trip to the DMZ, by eating vegan sticky buns and cookies.


~ by sangamithra on November 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “VeganMogo”

  1. hi, where can I read more about your eating vegan in korea adventures?

  2. Dana, when we were in Korea we blogged to our dog mookie who was writing us back at
    You might have to sift through dog and family content to find the vegan goodies. But there were many Buddhist and Seventh Day Adventist restaurants that were vegan and super yummy.

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