Love in a Box from Vegan Honey

This morning, I was a frantic mess trying to prep for a last minute interview with Romeo Dallaire this afternoon and a radio program with Agnes Kamara-Umunna tomorrow. Making time from her own busy morning, Kymberlie Adams Matthews, the Queen Bee behind Vegan Honey, stopped by and delivered me “love in a box,” an assortment of her homebaked and hand made treats: chocolate covered twinkies, fauxstess cupcakes, mini cookies, and more. This absolutely made my morning and my day. Never underestimate the power of vegan desserts “baked with kindness.”

Before Kym and I became friends and collegues a few years ago, I was one of her loyal customers. She made treats for animal benefits, my family parties and work gatherings. My old co-workers began to associate vegan cake with the most delicious thing imaginable. From our time together at Satya, I’ve come to know the strong creative spirit and big big heart Kym puts into all her projects. Vegan Honey is no exception.

Check out out other raves of her fine work here and here and be her friend on Myspace.

The world could definitely use more sweetness.


~ by sangamithra on November 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Love in a Box from Vegan Honey”

  1. i heart google.

  2. My mom likes to eat those goodies by Kym.

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