The Vegans in New York

Last year, I interviewed Ken Foster, pitbull daddy and author of the super sweet memoir, The Dogs who Found me. When he came to New York last September, Satya organized a book event at Bluestockings followed by an afterparty at MooShoes. After that, a cohort of vegans invited him to dinner at Caravan of Dreams. Ken’s impressions of the whole evening warranted a chapter called “The Vegans in New York” in his latest book, Dogs I have Met, and the people they found.

He starts off the chapter with “A group of vegans had invited me to New York, and I was nervous about meeting them.” He later feels “like part of a social experiment,” but soon reveals that “the meal—and their company—was the best I’d had in weeks.”

He ends the chapter with at an Easter Brunch where they talk about PeeWee, a pig who was raised by a pitbull in Michigan. Ken declared “More than anything else, PeeWee has been making me rethink my position…I don’t think I would be able to eat pork at all if I thought about the animal when I saw it on a plate”

In a recent gchat with Ken, he told me that he hasn’t eaten pork since. Clearly the though of animals on plates has been on Ken’s mind and hopefully on the minds of his dogloving readers. Now all we need is for our pitbulls to foster relationships with the other animals raised for food.


~ by sangamithra on November 3, 2007.

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